Sharpen the Saw at TKE RLC 2012

When I was twelve years old I got my hands on 7 Habits for Highly Effective People by Steven Covey.  At the time I have been an instructor teaching martial arts for five years now.  As an instructor team we were assigned to read this book.  This book opened my mind, and changed my life forever.  I decided that day what I wanted to do the rest of my life……..I wanted to go into business.  The beauty of this book is you don’t need to go into business to apply the principles. Out of all the habits the one that has been engrained in my brain has been Habit 7: Sharpening the Saw.

What this means is means is become a life long learn.  Once you stop learning you essentially become stagnet……stop growing, and die at what ever you are doing.  If you think of it in terms of a doctor.  If you go to a the best heart surgeon from 1978, and he has done nothing to advance his knowledge since then and still performs surgeries like he did in 1978…….would you go to him? I hoping you will say NO OF COURSE NOT!  I’ve heard Tony Robbins say “If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you always got.”

As TEKEs we have several opportunities to Sharpen our Saws in a year.  We have our biannual conclave, The Charles Walgreen Jr. Leadership Academy, Regional Leadership Conference, and many more to choose from.  Next month begins a serious a TKE Regional Leadership Conferences coming to an area near YOU. This is a great opportunity to meet distinguished TKE Alumni, other fraters from around the country and even sharpen your saw.

Please get registered as soon as possible, and reserve your spot.  DON’T miss out on this great opportunity.  I will be at the Wichita, KS, RLC, I look forward to meeting you and helping your chapter out.


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We Remember Joe Paterno

On Sunday January 22, at 9:25 AM, the college sports world lost a true hero and legend.  Joseph Vincent “Joe” Paterno, former head football couch of the Penn State Nittany Lions passed away due to complications for lung cancer treatment.  He was surrounded by his friends, family, and many students from Penn State University.   Students have been keeping vigil around the  bronze statue outside of Beaver Stadium leaving flowers, cards, candles, scarves, and simple gestures that say, “Thank You Joe!”

Joe was born on  December 21, 1926.  Like many other men from that time he grew up during the depression.  He learned the value of hard work from a young age growing up in Brooklyn, New York, and working in Dodger Stadium.  When his country called him, served in the United States Army towards the end of World War II.  He attended Brown University and played football.  His parents wanted him to be a lawyer, but he decided to follow his coach to Penn State University, and became their assistant football coach.  In 1962 he married Suzanne Pohland, they later had five children that all graduated from Penn State University.

In 1966 he became the head couch of Penn State University.  He led the team to three undefeated seasons between 1968-1973.  In 1982 and 1986 he lead the Nittany Lions to be national champions.  In 46 seasons, he led his team to 37 bowl appearances with 24 wins. In October 2011, Paterno set a record of his own when Penn State defeated Illinois. This victory marked his 409th career win, making him the leader in career wins for Division I coaches.

Over the years Joe Paterno has more than just coached and taught football.  He taught life, and had a positive impact on everyone he came in contact with.  He was happy at Penn State even turning down multiple pay raises to go and couch NFL teams.  He said, “I stayed because this is where I felt this is where I would be happier, and I could do more good.”

He lived, breathed, and gave  so much to Penn State University.  When different departments where not doing well, he gave his own money so the University could succeed, and help students succeed. In many ways he gave himself, and much more to watch his players succeed.  When players were struggling with different subjects, he invited them over for his wives famous cooking, and tutoring sessions to give them a leg up. In the words of the fraternity close to my heart he helped build Better Men For A Better World.

On September 23, 2000, Penn State  was playing Ohio State.  Freshman defensive back Adam Taliaferro had an experience that what would change his life forever.  While tackling a Ohio State player he had his spine crushed. As he laid there on the field he was paralyzed, and began to panick.  When he opened his eyes the first eyes he saw where the eyes of Joe Paterno in this thick rimmed glasses.  He remembers in a thick high-pitched voice of a man staring over him saying, “You’re gonna get through this, Kid. You’re gonna be OK.” Instantly Talieferro believed him.

He was paralyzed from the neck down and was brought to Philadelphia.  Doctors gave him a 3% chance of ever walking.  Paterno never gave hope and flew in to visit him every week with many players and coaches.  One night a miracle happen, Taliaferro moved a toe.  His Father over joyed called Paterno, in exciment Joe said as the phone was held to Talieferro’s ear, “You’re gonna prove ’em all wrong, Kid!”  Taleferro began a miraculous road to recovery moving a new part of his body every time Paterno came to visit.  Five months later Paterno walked in and said, “What’s new, Kid?” Taliaferro swung his legs over the bed, stood and extended his hand to shake.

“I’ll never forget his eyes,” Taliaferro said. “They were already huge behind those Coke-bottle glasses, but they got even bigger.” Paterno gave him a 10-second hug and then said, “Kid, ya make me proud.”

As we prepare to say our final good-byes to the Coach that was humble enough the live in same house, get the same pay grade, and drive the same car, and simply wanted to be called Joe.  Not Coach, Couch Peterno, just simply…Joe.  My whole life I’ve been raised to bleed HUSKER RED, and can say that I’m a proud Alumni of the University of Nebraska.  Over the last few months my best friend has shown me the true colors of Joe, not just another Nebraska Rival in the B1G Ten Conference.  He is an inspiring person that challenges everyone to have a positive impact on everyone around you. In my own personal way all I can say is….Thank-You Joe, Thank-You for in your own little way, you inspire me to have a better positive impact on everyone that I  come in contact with.

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Visualize Winning in 2012

I have been a competitive athlete for many years.  In high school I was a four-time letter winner, three-time state competitor, and captain of the boys swim team.  At the same time I have been ranked in the top ten, been a finalist, a regional, and World Champion  Martial Artist.  What I did in both areas of competitions was visualize myself winning……..taking home the gold, winning the race, finishing strong.  This is what REAL winners do. In swimming we would lay down, completely relaxed, and run through the event in our heads.

A psychology study was done with basketball players shooting free throws.  There were three groups of players.  The first group didn’t shoot any free throws, but imagined themself shooting them.  The second group just shot free throws, but didn’t visualize them.  The third group visualized themselves shooting free throws, and then shot free throws.  The group that scored the highest percentage of free throws was the group the visualized themselves, and made it happen.

The same goes with our goals. If we lay back relax and see ourselves winning….acheving our goals. there is a high percentage that we will have the motivation and turn our dreams into a reality.  One thing I have always done is write my goals down,  set a due date, and post them  where I can see them everyday.  When I was a competitive swimmer I would write all my times down that I wanted to make to qualify for state.  I would post them in the bathroom, all over my room, the kitchen, the tv, even in my locker, and notebooks in school.

Another thing I have seen people do is create a “Dream Board”.  This sounds corny like something a five-year old would do.  You take pictures of the things you want to acheive….and do, and past them on a board.  I did the same thing on my Ipod, having a scroll of pictures to flip through and reminding me of my “WHY”.  Even putting things on my car visor to look at while on driving.  In reality this just like writing our goals down, and gives you a visual of what you goals are everyday.  This serves as a  constant reminder of “WHY” you are working towards your goals.  If you don’t have a why, then what is the thing that motivates you everyday to make you GOALS a REALITY.

We are almost done with the first month of 2012.  currently all over the world we have people starting new goals…….reavaluating goals….and even quitting.  Where ever you are….PUSH FORWARD! I am working with an amazing team and our GOAL is to HELP YOU…..make YOUR GOALS Happen.  If you want to get healthy, travel, start a business, have more time, or even do something significant please email Tim Traudt at  I look forward to working with you and applauding your success.

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GOALS we set our GOALS we Get

This Sunday I will be installing the Blue Print Education system to my home chapter of my fraternity Tau Kappa Epsilon. I was flipping through the Blue Print book, and was reading through the curriculum that will assist each Frater in preparing for the real world.  There are many life lessons in the curriculum such as how to change a tire, go to other religious services other then your own religion, and planning a yearly budget.  Every year brings new learing experiences in the curriculum, and a goal planning sheet. I dawned upon me…

Many People don’t know how to set GOALS!

We all know what we want to achieve, but we don’t know how to get there, or who can help us with our goals. I have been doing personal coaching, motivational speaking, and personal   improvement for fifteen years now, and there is a step by step success system I teach for setting goals.

  1. Know what your want: This is the easiest step in the success system. What people what people forget to do is set a completion date. This then takes it a step further, and forces you to write their goals down on paper, and post it some place where they see them everyday.  This is your Daily Motivation.  To take it one step further tell someone else your goals.  This will help to keep you accountable to what tyou are doing.  88% of all successful people do this
  2. Have a Plan & a Success Coach:  Once you have your goal ask yourself…”what are you going to do to achieve it?” That means setting smaller goals that add up to one big goal.  The next thing you need is a Success Coach or Mentor.  These are the people that you have contact with everyday.  Part of that support system to help you  is your family, friends, mentors, teachers, any body who will support you in your goal.
  3. Take Consistent Action: You have a goal…..a plan….a mentor to help you… all you have to do is what Nike Says….JUST DO IT! Sitting on the couch “thinking” about your goals, doesn’t turn them into a reality.  The other part of that is being consistent, do the same stable amount everyday to make progress.  My business partner, and mentor Bo Short always talks about “Doing Enough of the Right Things”.  Do the things that will achieve your goals.
  4. Review Your Progress & Renew Your Goals: Toward the end of your goal time line you simply ask yourself…”Did I achieve my goal?” If your answer is YES! Set a new Goal…go through the cycle, and Crush it.  If you didn’t make you goal, this is the time when you reevaluate your goals, make changes, and set off again to make your goal a reality.

My TaeKwonDo Instructor Mr.Dousharm has always taught me at a young age, “Winners set goals with deadlines, crush them, and prove your aren’t status quo.”   You are destined for greatness,  no one decides or desires to be “OK”, “MEDIOCRE”, or even “GOOD”.

I want to help you achieve you goals this year….stand on the mountain top, arms outstretched, and say..”I DID IT!”  Please contact Tim Traudt at to learn how to make your goals a reality. I look forward, and honored to work with you in 2012, and applaud your success.

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Happy Founders Day! Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity 113 Years Old!

On January 10, 1899, on a cold night five students from Illinois Wesleyan University created a student organization.  Little did they know what this organization would become.  Joseph Lorenzo Settlers, James Carson McNutt, Clarence Arthur Mayer, Owen Ison Truitt, and Charles Roy Atkinson gave their heart into laying the foundation, lighting the torch of our Great Fraternity.

Through the years the fraternity has gone through ups and downs.  survived World War I, the Great Depression and thanks the leadership of Rear Admiral R.C. Williams, Assistant Surgeon General of the U.S. Public Health Service during World War II was able to save our great fraternity from being bought out by another fraternity.  He vowed, “I will build this fraternity from my office it Washington D.C. and in 20 years we will become the worlds largest social fraternity!”  and that is exactly what he did.

From this renewed generation TKE has built Better Men for a Better World.  Where would we be without……..

Frater Ronald Reagan The man who tore down the Berlin Wall and help end Communism in Europe.

Frater Danny Thomas who after being a struggling movie  producer, director, actor prayed to the intercession of St.Jude Thaddeus and prayed “Help me find my way, and I will build you a great shrine.” Now no child will have to suffer with   Canser and not pay a penny.

Frater Charles Walgreen Jr. who ran Walgreen’s pharmacy and also founded a Leadership Academy for TKE, and it is named in his honor.

Frater Howard Shultz who changed the coffee market for ever with Starbucks coffee.

Frater Less Paul who invented the electric guitar and changed music forever.

Over the last 113 years our fraternity has laid the foundation of our future in business, politics, philanthropy, sports, and every walk of life.  What started out at the Knights of Classic Lore has become the fraternity changing the lives of many men forever.  I love all you my fellow Fraters, and I Love The Fraternity!


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What is SIGNIFICANT to YOU in 2012?

If you could do anything in the world, and not FAIL….what would it be?  If Money was no object, there were no limits, and you knew that everything you put your hands it would prosper, what would you do?  This is the attitude of taking your goals, dreams, and desires and turning them into a reality.

Aaron Davis,  a good friend of mine and motivational speaker uses this example every time he talks.  When we were  children we did not have a care in the world. We would say what ever we wanted, do what ever we wanted, or even look any way we wanted.  We did not care what people thought of us, and there were no walls to protect us from other people’s opinions.  In many ways we were invisible. When we slept at night, we had dreams of shooting for the moon and landing. The possibilities where endless. As we get older we get told “we can’t do something!”  We began putting up walls around us, judging ourselves, and being critical of everything we do. The saddest thing we do as Adults is STOP Dreaming….we stop shooting for the moon.  I tell you never stop dreaming, shooting for the moon, and make a promise to yourselves to make 2012 something significant.

Maybe this year you want to be able to pay off the credit card in full.  Maybe recently your car broken down and you, would like to fix it….or even better get a new car.  Maybe this year you just graduated from college and want to pay off your student loans……..not just in payments, but IN FULL! Think how much a burden has just been lifted off your plate when you student loans are paid off in full.  Lastly maybe your just like me, and want to WIN!

This year I’m working with a community of leaders from around the country and we simply want to HELP YOU! HELP YOU, achieve your goals……HELP YOU tackle your debt, burdens, and in December stand on top of the mountain top and say…I DID IT! To find out how to make your 2012 something SIGNIFICANT contact Tim Traudt at  We look forward to working with you and applauding your success!

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This Unusual Thing Boosts Green Tea’s Ability to Help You Lose Weight:

This Unusual Thing Boosts Green Tea’s Ability to Help You Lose Weight:

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